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What is Golo CarCare?

Golo CarCare is an OBD Dongle that works in conjunction with your Golo-Equipped Scantool. You can now view customers' live data & clear codes from thousands of miles away! Golo CarCare accesses Enhanced SRS, ABS, Engine, Transmission & Body Control, in fact all modules remotely. Golo CarCare was built and aimed around you, the Technician Shop.

How Does It Work

Golo CarCare Transmits your customers' Live Data directly using your existing Launch Android Pro-Line Scantool via its built-in WiFi Connection, linking to your customers' bluetooth device. (OBD dongle)

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Use your existing PAD II, ScanPad 071, or ScanPad 101 account!

Build customer retention at ease!

Golo CarCare Tool Family

Golo CarCare is compatible with all our premium range scantools such as:

ScanPad 101

Professional, 10-inch screen, bi-directional scantool with 19 connectors in a blow-molded case.

ScanPad 071

Full-function, 7-inch screen, bi-directional scantool at an economical price.


Professional, 10-inch screen, bi-directional scantool that is shock proof, waterproof, & dust-proof.

How will it benefit my shop?

Golo CarCare will benefit your shop in the following ways:


In today’s fast-paced world, customers rely on being able to have instant communication with their business of choice, and Golo CarCare allows you to allow exactly that. Communicate with your customers directly and instantly no matter your or their locations!

Customer Satisfaction

With Golo CarCare, you can help give excellent customer servicing by sending reminders for oil changes, communicating directly without having to inconvenience them by stepping into the shop for a simple repair.

Customer Retention

Being able to keep your customers happy and having direct communication will put you in a special position that many other shops won’t able to match. This allows you to lead at sustaining sales and customer count.

Shop Profits

Golo CarCare’s unique intranet platform allows you to not only directly communicate and diagnose your customer’s vehicle remotely, but also allows you to send service reminders and specials directly to one or multiple customers instantly. This builds not only customer satisfaction and customer retention, but will boost shop profits. Why waste thousands of dollars trying to compete for customers who might not even stay with your shop? With Golo CarCare you’ll never have to worry with this unnecessary hassle & stress ever again. Golo CarCare simplifies your life by creating a better relationship with your customers and increasing your shops profits.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy Golo CarCare at the following dealers:

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